Bio diesel is the new revolution. Common sense dictates that the best way to combat global warming is with renewable vegetable based fuels. "Cleaner consumption AND cleaner emmisions"

GREEN AND EFFICIENT vehicles keep America free of reliance on foreign oil

Our mission is to provide the highest quality environmentally safe and efficent vehicles. We can all do our part to clean up the environment with the use of alternative fuels, keeping America free of reliance on foreign oil. We're dedicated to providing top notch cars at affordable prices while helping save the planet one car at a time using a century old, tried and tested technology. What better way to protect the earth than to take to make older existing vehicles environmentally friendly, conserving even more energy by saving them from scrap yards?

Over 20 years of experience with CLASSIC CARS

We're classic car enthusiasts with over 20 years of experience to back it up. We are true die hard automotive enthusiasts and not part of the latest crop of inexperienced profiteers. We have knowledge and respect for vintage cars and look for the highest quality of pre-owned vehicles, not the cheap distressed ones (salvage, etc.). At diesel california we view the cars we sell as classic automotive engineering masterpieces and seek out educated customers who know what they want. We can provide you with referrals to top professionals for bio-diesel conversions and new or used parts. When you go with a dieslcalifornia vehicle you get an extensive support network. "special orders don't upset us." We can custom build your car to spec.

We offer a rapidly changing inventory of top notch pre-owned contemporary classic Mercedes Diesels including various models from 1970–1995. Some of the models we have in stock are190d, 220d, 240d, 300d, 300cd, 300td, 300sd and 300sdl. They are not only timeless classics but also the strongest and best vehicles on this planet with durability and drivability second to none. There are many documented examples of these vehicles exceeding one million miles! There is no substitute for Mercedes' 100 or so years of engineering genius!




What other vehicles offer full size luxury safetly and are capable of sustaining 30+ mpg on the freeway? Diesels by design are much more efficient and reliable than gasoline engines. The same size gas engine in a full size Mercedes would be lucky to get 15 - 17 mpg instead of 23 - 40. One benefit of the Mercedes engine is that with normal use its parts are gradually polished internally, tightening its tolerances, reducing friction and increasing fuel economy. There are numerous reports of Mercedes diesels getting well in excess of their EPA gas mileage. In many cases diesel engines can get double the miles per gallon of their gasoline counterparts. Also, Mercedes diesels have a simplified fuel system without a carbarator, ignition system, or spark pugs. When you've got a diesel, system failure is not an option!

Did you know that because of thier increased torque, diesel engines are signifigantly less effected by pulling heavy loads?

BETTER than the battery

The diesel vehicle presents a viable solution to today’s environmental issues and global dependence on fossil fuels. As compared with other so-called enviromentally safe cars, used diesels have distinct advantages. Newer high pressure fuel systems are much less tolerant of alternative fuels and most new car manufactures will void your warranty with usage of biofuels. Hybrids have many more moving parts and have to rely on untested technology and interface between multiple systems. Hybrids and electric cars are also limited when it comes to range and performance. Electric cars are laden with dangerous acid filled batteries, requiring energy to recharge and recycling diffuculties. Why buy a car that in 5 years will cost you $5,000-$10,000 in battery replacement fees? Hydrogen cars are too new and are still not publicly available due to their tendancy to explode.


Rudolph Diesel was an environmentally conscious individual as we all should strive to be; In 1885 developing the idea of an engine that ignited with highly compressed fuel, eliminating the spark plug.

the National Biodiesel Board is a gret place to get more information about renewable and cost-effective fuel.

visit the Alternative Duels Data Center for more great links, from how to make your own biodiesel to ongoing research and energy policy.

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